Welcome to Sarah Jenna-Jayne!

Sarahjennajayne.com is named after myself, the owner of this website! This is because (aside from the fact I couldn’t think of an exciting domain name that wasn’t already taken) I want my readers to feel safe in the knowledge that I am the one you are communicating with. We can build a real connection as I am my brand.

This website is about learning how to live your best life. Discussing ways to improve your quality of life, romantic and platonic relationships and learning how to take control of your life. Whilst focusing primarily on mental health disorders including but not limited to anxiety and the perception we have of ourselves including negative body image and low self esteem. specifically, anxiety disorders as well as, the perception we have of ourselves such as body image and low self esteem.

I myself have overcome a severe lack of enthusiasm to better myself and work on my personal development. I struggled with my own mental health issues and I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses. I suffered immensely with depression, anxiety, low self esteem and negative body image. All of the above often go hand in hand.

I suffered terribly until it began to eat away at me day in day out, that was when I knew I had to change.

I finally took control.

I know personally, what a huge impact these issues have on a persons quality of life. I want to teach others how I taught myself, to enjoy life and to love and appreciate who I am as an individual and the unique qualities I possess.

I’m going to be sharing my unique, tried and tested, methods and technique’s with you. In turn giving you the opportunity to try what has truly helped me get my life back.

At one point, I believed taking control of my life was something I wouldn’t or even couldn’t ever achieve. Now? Well now I know different.

I have taught myself how to live my life, accept my illnesses and not just be content with who I am, but happy, with a sense of pride.

I accomplished this by taking matters into my own hands. Adjusting my lifestyle and dedicating myself to taking my mental health as seriously as it should be taken.

You to can alter your perspective, attitude and the way you approach important aspects of your life to a more confident, positive manner.

The truth is, learning to love, not just ourselves but also others in a healthy constructive manner often feels like an impossible task.

How I can help you to achieve your goals.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the various techniques on this website have been created by myself. I use my very own approach and methodology. I am not a qualified professional by any means and I have no desire to become one. The reason for this is simple. The techniques and strategies I have created are proven to get results.

I create my methods using my own personal experience, pure instinct, logic and investigations I carry out.

I have the advantage of not being required to follow strict rules, or be under any obligation to follow standard guidelines, or one size fits all theories. I truly believe that’s what gives me an edge.

You know what they say if it ain’t broke’ don’t fix it!

I take pride in the fact that all of the content on this site is not only unique it is also a tried and tested, fresh, new formula. So much so, that you will rarely, if at all, find similar advice elsewhere.

I draw strength and knowledge from my own experiences, opinions, views and beliefs.

Contact me

Please do get involved and contact me at any time! I accept article requests and If you have questions you would like answered, privately, or as an article please do not hesitate to send an email,

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah 💋

*Please note before using my website, I can be controversial at times. I am an honest, straight talker. I don’t hand out advice that has been chewed up and spat out multiple different times by multiple different people, solely because I know it’s popular. So please understand and be prepared for the fact that my views may occasionally be considered ‘brave’ (brave was the only polite word that sprang to mind when trying to think of an accurate description of myself)