About Me

I am what you would call ‘damaged goods’… I suffer from chronic illness, mental health issues, I’ve had multiple near death experiences and the worst kind of relationships there is.

I am the epitome of the phrase, “There’s no coming back from that shit.” In fact I can’t help but believe that saying was invented for me.

You know what though? I have come back. I’ve come back with fucking bells on.

I’m not letting past experiences take anything away from me. Why should my past define my future?

My life is in my hands I am in the driving seat and whether you realise it or not so are you.

I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. When everyone is too scared to give their opinions you can always count on mine, so if you’re easily offended I may not be the one for you. I have a dark sense of humour and a terrible habit of laughing at my own jokes, in fact I find myself fucking hilarious.

So if you can’t take offensive jokes or dark humour I’m probably not your girl.

With all that in mind let’s be a bad bitch and rock this shit shall we?