Welcome to Sarah Jenna-Jayne!

Sarahjennajayne.com is named after myself, the owner of this website. I wish I had a really cool reason as to why I decided to be my brand but I don’t. I won’t lie, I chose to use my name because I quite literally couldn’t think of an exciting domain name that wasn’t already taken.

Well, you’ve clicked here to the about page.

Before you read on let me ask you this..

Have you ever tried to write a description about yourself?

If you haven’t let me assure you it’s damn well difficult.

You don’t want to sound cocky and arrogant but you also don’t want to sell yourself short. Trying to find a balance? That my friend is an incredibly difficult task.

I’m going to jump straight in and explain why this website was born, that’s a question I can actually answer confidentally.

The bottom line is, I want to share with you everything I have experienced and learnt in the last 8 years.

The harsh reality is, over 7 years ago now I almost died… twice.

In the last, soon to be, 8 years I’ve almost died four times.

Part of the fallout from those experiences was developing chronic illnesses. Whilst I’m still undergoing tests I currently have 11, if we are going to be exact. That includes mental illnesses, aka depression, anxiety all that good stuff.

My near death experiences, chronic conditions, situations in my personal life and my mental health issues gave me a whole new perspective.

I have chosen to share extremely personal, private experiences in the hopes that I can be of some use.

If I help just one person I will be satisfied, everything will become worth it.

After experiencing so much with my health, the human body and mind began to intrigue me.

I spent/spend hours everyday researching how the human body works. What makes us tick, our limits, why we do what we do, body language, how to read people, the list feels endless. You name it I research it.

I took an interest in mentalists and began to study the craft, how they work, what they do and everything in between.

After a while I began frequently drifting off inside my own mind. Creating theories and ideas for solving problems I was having.

They started off as simple trains of thoughts. After a while I realised that logically these thought trains had the potential to genuinely work.

That was when I started creating strategies and focusing on my methodology.

Within 2 years I had found a way to stop my panic attacks. I learnt to control my mental illness and solve my social anxiety issues. I solved my combination skin issues and gained 2 stone (I was dangerously under weight).

That is just a few of my biggest achievements.

I practically reinvented myself.

I used myself as a guinea pig and done all of this without any kind of professional help.

I used my own methodology and various techniques that I myself invented.

After a while people around me started coming to me with problems they were having.

I was reluctant to offer suggestions at first. I was worried they wouldn’t work because all of our minds think differently. I was unsure whether I unknowingly create methods toilered made to myself. I was wrong.

I realised I can create ideas that truly do work. Not just for myself but others. The interesting thing is, I enjoy it.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a professional and in all honesty, I have no desire or intent to become one.

I don’t want to follow endless rules, or be under any obligation to follow strict guidelines and protocols, or one size fits all theories.

Its simple really, if I, or someone around me has a problem I will come up with a fresh, unique, sometimes unusual solution to fix that problem.

You see how I work is, I trick my mind. I reprogram myself. I figure out everything there is to know about an issue I’m having and then I think of logical ways to solve it.

That explanation was awful. I’m sorry. A very simplified version of it is this..

You need to crawl through a tunnel but you won’t fit with your rucksack. You can’t leave it behind. But you also can’t carry it in your hands as it will repeatedly get caught underneath you so what do you do? Well, I would think of a logical way to get through the tunnel with the rucksack.

My solution? Tie the rucksack to you foot so you can pull it along behind you.

That’s pretty much how I work, I manipulate and reprogram my brain to solve my biggest problems in life.

I have now got to a stage where I want to share my research and knowledge with the world.

So here I am.

Now I think about it, I guess in conclusion to the ‘about me’ question, I should probably describe myself as a ‘fixer’.