Cure Chronic Pain With This One Thing…

When I see an article claiming to cure chronic pain with a metaphorical click of your fingers I can’t help but lose my shit a little bit.

It’s like right.. so, you hold the precious elixir do you?

You can cure chronic pain/chronic illness for the sufferers everywhere?

Against the odds, despite the fact that experienced, highly trained medical professionals and researchers Haven’t managed to find it but you? You have. What a hero.

Okay, back to the real world…

Who exactly are you trying to fool? I’m chronically ill not chronically stupid.

No, you fucking haven’t. You’re taking out of your arse.

The real kicker? Well, that’s the fact that these claims are often made by people who haven’t even experienced chronic pain.

Not only does this give people false hope it also makes the everyday suffering of those with chronic conditions seem trivial and not all that bad. After all if rubbing soil all over your body is some magic cure it can’t of been a big deal in the first place right?

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Seriously though, how do you sleep at night? Knowing you are preying on people’s weakness, their dream of a pain-free future. Taking money from people who are already suffering enough knowing full well you are talking complete bullshit.

Am I saying there aren’t ways to reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions? Of course not. I know there are many chronic pain management techniques, I’m merely saying they are referred to as “incurable” for a reason.

Can chronic pain be cured?

I do absolutely believe you can take control of your illness and find ways to lessen the impact it has on your daily life. Chronic pain management is actually pretty well known, there are many ways to help chronic pain symptoms, whether that’s with medication or a form of natural chronic pain relief.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to consume a capsule of fruit whilst standing on my head. I certainly wouldn’t believe it had the power to rid me of disease, purely because some stranger on the internet told me they can magically cure chronic pain.

It’s actually pretty dangerous to claim you hold the ‘cure’ to these issues. Especially something as broad as chronic pain. Think of it this way, if someone comes to you to be miraculously ‘cured’ as appose to heading to their GP, who knows what is being left undiagnosed. Should the worst happen, you can be sure as shit your ass is getting ahead and rightly so?

You want to help people then good for you. You do everything in your power to do so. That doesn’t translate to, on innocent people, whose life already pretty much sucks, out of money for your damn Caribbean cruise.

If you want to be ignorant and choose to believe chronic conditions and chronic pain syndrome aren’t serious illnesses. Or, that you can cure chronic pain with a click of your fingers then that’s your decision.

I don’t give a crap what your personal beliefs are. But, don’t you dare give the impression that I haven’t been to hell and back just to get your grubby mitts on people’s credit card details.

If modern medicine in this day and age doesn’t hold a cure then no one does.

How about instead you go get a job that’s ethical and not morally wrong? In the meantime feel free to proceed to stick your make believe cure up your thieving asshole.



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  • Sheryl

    Thank goodness, this needed to be said. And like you mentioned, chronic pain is so damn broad and our bodies wonderfully complex, so there’s no quick fix or cure all!

    • Sarah

      Oh honestly I saw someone promising to cure chronic pain with some magic pill and it terrified me!!! You never know what’s in those pills and sadly people in desperate pain will try anything! Xx

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