DIY Exfoliating Scrub For Combination Skin.

Even before my health deteriorated my skin was a nightmare. Trying to find a good exfoliating scrub was even worse.

I have dry skin that’s prone to spots and irritation basically my face sucks, pretty much sums up my entire existence. From a teen onwards I spent a lot of time and money trying to find a good exfoliating scrub that didn’t cause acne. Don’t even get me started on those under skin spots, you know the ones. They are literal mountains on your face you daren’t even attempt to squeeze those fuckers. Not unless you wanted a red swollen angry boulder leering at passersby.

It’s probably no surprise to you that I never did find a good exfoliating scrub. Even after using products aimed at sensitive or combination skin I’d still wake up with more spots than a damn Dalmation.

Due to the fact my entire body hates its own existence, part of my face is dry skin the other part is oily skin. Finding a balance? Mission impossible.

That was when I started looking into DIY exfoliating face scrubs. Me being the rebel I am I didn’t follow a recipe. I, as always, created my own.

Logically speaking the oily parts of my face would need a different recipe than the dry patches right? That was my assumption anyway.

I created two different recipes for the different parts of my face. At this point in my life, it’s not surprising that all areas of my face are prone to acne. Obviously, I had to take that into consideration.

I got inspired by looking up the best face scrub for oily skin and the best face scrub for dry skin. Then I attempted to make a good exfoliating face scrub. I didn’t hold out much hope. Let’s face it if the best brains in beauty couldn’t come up with a good exfoliating scrub that didn’t turn me into Mr Blobby what chance did I have.

After testing out my concoctions I was bloody well shocked to find out I had genuinely created a masterpiece. My face was acne (and mountain) free and the dry skin that I enjoy peeling off my nose was nowhere to be seen. What a fluke.

DIY exfoliating face scrub recipe

Here you are my best face scrub for dry skin,

Coconut oil


Sea salt

My best face scrub for oily skin,

Lemon juice


Sea salt

*I sigh at the thought of having to say this but, never put salt on an open wound*

Most DIY exfoliating face scrubs recommend sugar I chose to go with salt. Salt has antibacterial properties and kills bacteria… I’m just using big words to sound intelligent.

It dried out my spots making them clear up quickly. They become small patches of dry skin which could be easily and gently scrubbed off. (I didn’t gently scrub them off I picked them like the savage I am)

I leave the mixture on my face for 5-10 minutes after exfoliating. Mainly because I’m lazy and have to build up the enthusiasm to wash my face. I use warm water and a mild face wash. Sometimes when I really can’t be arsed I wipe it off with a face wipe.

So there you have it! A good exfoliating scrub that you don’t have to sell your granny to afford.

Give it a whirl but don’t come for me if it gives you acne. Even if you do it won’t do you any good. I’m poor.

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