DIY Exfoliating Scrub For Combination Skin.

Even before my health deterioted my skin was a nightmare.

I have dry skin that’s prone to spots and irritation. From a teen onwards I spent a lot of time and money trying to find an exfoliating scrub that didn’t make me break out.

It’s safe to say I never succeeded. Even after using products aimed at sensitive or combination skin I’d still wake up with more spots than a Dalmation.

The trouble was part of my face was dry the other part was oily getting that balance was impossible.

That was when I started looking into DIY exfoliating face scrubs. Me being me didn’t follow a recipe. I, as always, created my own.

The blue is the oily area’s and the pink shows the dry patches.

Logically speaking the oily parts of my fave would need a different recipe than the dry patches right? That was my assumption anyway.

I created two different recipes for the different parts of my face. All areas of my face was prone to acne so I took that into consideration.

DIY exfoliating face scrub recipe.

For the dry area’s I mixed together,

Coconut oil


Sea salt

For the oily area’s,

Lemon juice


Sea salt

*never put salt on an open wound*

Most DIY exfoliating face scrubs recommend sugar I chose to go with salt. Salt has antibacterial properties and kills bacteria.

I noticed it dried out my spots making them clear up quickly. They become small patches of dry skin which could be easily and gently scrubbed off.

I leave the mixture on my face for 5-10 minutes after exfoliating. I wash it off with warm water and a mild face wash.

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