How To Appear More Confident.

You know what they say, fake it ’till you make it! Just because you know you lack in the self confidence department doesn’t mean everyone else has to know it! Especially when you can make yourself appear more confident than you really are!

If you struggle with self confidence you can use these tactics to appear more confident. This can help you with day to day tasks such as social interactions, communicating with colleagues, shopping, anything really! As an added bonus, intentionally manipulating your body language to appear more confident can in actual fact, help you to genuinely acquire that confidence you are simulating.

By adjusting your mind, behaviour and characteristics to give the impression you are full of confidence, you can unintentionally create that confidence boost you desire in the process. Give these tips a try and see what it can do for you.

These 5 tips will have you oozing with confidence in no time…

Smile No I don’t mean merely bare your teeth like a rabid dog, I mean really smile. The type of smile that has a knock on effect and changes your entire facial expression.

Don’t slouch, Not only is slouching bad for your back and your spine it also gives off the impression that you are making yourself as small as possible. As if you are attempting to hide away and go unnoticed. Stand tall, straight back and square shoulders.

Eye contact, meet people’s eyes when you are talking to them, (not in a creepy and/or intimidating way!). Not only does it show you are paying attention to what they’re saying, it stops you from coming across shy or nervous when interacting with others.

Talk properly, Don’t mumble or spit out your words as fast you can. You want to sound calm and composed. This won’t just help with appearing more self confident, it will also give the impression that you are honest, intellectual and you know what you are talking about.

Don’t rush, unless of course you are actually running late then rush my little ducklings, rush to your little hearts content. Otherwise you need to keep your movements calm and collected. Accomplishing your tasks at a relaxed pace will cause you to be viewed as a person with a purpose who has everything under control. A controlled walk to your destination is much better than a hop skip and a jump. This is ultimately what happens when we’re nervous, we scurry like a rat nicking food, not a good look.

So remember, a purposeful stride along with your new powerful stance will have you appearing and even feeling more confident in no time!

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