How To Make Dating Less Stressful.

Dating can be incredibly stressful. It’s common for many of us to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to our relationship status. Others are just fed up of being alone so they put a lot of hope into finding a person they truly connect with. It doesn’t matter why a person feels dating is stressful it’s the fact that they do.

As a lot of people find dating is stressful, I have put together this article full of tips and advice. Applying these helpful tips to your dating activities can help to significantly lessen the pressure of dating. This relieves most of the common reasons and situations that cause people to feel that dating is stressful.

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Initiating conversations, before you arrange a date with someone, make sure you engage in a few phone conversations first. You need to take a mental note of how these conversations go,

Does the conversation flow easily?

Do you have mutual interests to discuss?

Are the silences awkward?

A general rule of thumb to follow, if you struggle to have enjoyable conversations over the phone it isn’t going to be any better face to face. Being incompatible will cause you a lot of unnecessary stress because of the intense pressure. Creating conversations and thinking of topics to discuss to avoid the awkward silences isn’t easy. Feeling like you are expected to keep the conversation flowing successfully is actually one of the leading reasons singles find dating is stressful.

When you arrange a first date remember, it is the first time you are spending a substantial amount of time in each other’s company. It can cause stress if you are worrying about whether you will get along and how you will resolve the situation if you don’t.

My advise to prevent such stress is to simplify the date. Arrange a situation which doesn’t necessarily mean spending too long together. For example, bowling, as soon as the game is finished it will be perfectly acceptable to end the date. If the date goes well you can arrange to take part in another activity afterwards, such as taking a stroll together. If it is a massive flop (so to speak) you can end the date at the arranged time without causing offence.

Choosing the date activity together. Another common reason men and women agree that dating is stressful is because they are either feel that arranging the date is wholly on their shoulders or, the exact opposite. Worrying because they have a lack of control and aren’t given the choice. A simple solution to both of these issues is to arrange the date together. Make a list of suggestions then choose between you which idea you are both comfortable with. Create a list of suggestions then choose the idea between you.

Choose the date wisely. A popular first date is a dinner in a nice restaurant. The trouble with a dinner date as your first meeting is, it often causes you to feel uncomfortable. Feeling pressured regarding what you eat and how you eat it. None of the above matters, not really.

However, that doesn’t stop it being a main concern when people find that dating is stressful. It is also quite difficult to have an interesting conversation and be taken seriously with a bit of broccoli stuck in your teeth. A more relaxed environment means a more relaxed you.

Break the ice, participating in a fun, active, date means you have little time to worry too much about how the date is going. Lessening the likelihood of awkward silences.

Breaking the ice on the first date can often make the second less daunting. A fun first date then a calmer second. This gives you a topic of conversation and the opportunity to talk more and get to know each other. The initial awkwardness of a first date should be gone.

So next time you find yourself asking a potential love interest on a date, take these tips into consideration. Implement them throughout the process so you too can find dating less stressful.

What do you find stressful about dating? Have you got any tips that you live by?

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  • Michelle

    You know — I’m not one for dating. It can be so stressful, and hard, and it’s so difficult to trust people. Plus, I live in Los Angeles and meeting people here is a chore and a half. I kind of decided to give up on it, and –strangely enough– I’ve been much happier since I did that.

    Great post! x


    • Sarah

      A lot of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find a partner because it’s what’s seemed as normal and socially acceptable! As long as you are happy there is absolutely no reason to start dating if you don’t want to! I completely understand with the trusting people issue, trusting people not to hurt you in anyway is actually quite daunting. As long as you are happy and content that is the only thing that matters. Thank you for commenting ☺ xx

    • Sarah

      Yes I have to say that personally I’m not a fan of dinner dates! especially for first dates they always seem a but awkward and far to serious, adds a lot of pressure! x

  • Kelly

    Great tips Sarah!!
    I have problems with phone conversations and feel so uncomfortable having them. I’m not really good with the dating thing either. Usually dated mutual friends or like colleagues ? before I met my fiancé that is.


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