How To Reinvent Yourself.

Do You Want A New Look?

When you look in a mirror or walk past shops, glancing in to look at the merchandise and you happen to notice your reflection in the window, do you smile? If the answer to that question is no then I can help you.
Most of us will go through a stage of severe anxiety about our appearance at least once in our lives. Sometimes it can be as simple as a bad haircut or you have just become fed up with your image. No matter the reason, feeling crappy about the way you look sucks. 

How do you stop yourself from being so self-critical?

Feeling low about the way we look can have a tremendous impact on our mental state. Because of the detrimental effect it has, the internal struggle grows. The impact it causes gradually increases until the simple, obvious answer doesn’t seem worthy or even capable of solving the problem, this means it’s overlooked, dismissed and not even attempted.

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What is the simple answer?

Think of it this way, when a sketch artist is creating a masterpiece they will continue to work on it until they are satisfied with the end result. They will tweak certain aspects of the image adding slight alterations until they are have that “ahuh!” moment

Let’s take this analogy and apply it to our appearance. Sit or stand in front of a mirror and decide what factors you aren’t comfortable with and why. 

Before we delve too deeply into this article I first want to be crystal clear. It’s cliche as fuck but we are all beautiful the way we are. I am not in any way advising anyone to change themselves nor claiming anything about anyone needs changing. Unless you are an arsehole and you need a personality transplant. In this respect though, I am merely showing you how to learn to love your appearance. To feel more confident and happy in yourself and the way you look physically. Got it? Good.

Right, lets say for example you don’t feel your hair suits your face. Imagine you’re an artist, what hairstyle would suit you personally? Are you fed up with the colour or the way it’s cut? Does it seem dull and lifeless? We’ve all been there. I’ve fucked my hair up multiple times due to my constant colouring.

You can apply this method to your entire appearance. For example, your wardrobe, does that pink jacket suit you?.. Maybe you aren’t particularly keen on your eye shape?
Once you have drcided what it is that’s making you feel uncomfortable you can then begin finding ways to fix it.

I’m not telling you to start booking multiple plastic surgeries because that is in no way necessary nor is it the answer to this problem. That’s not what this article is about, you are merely finding solutions to make you feel more comfortable with the beauty you already possess. Whether you realise it or not we all have our own beauty.
You aren’t changing what you were born with you are simply enhancing your natural look to suit your personal taste.

I recently overhauled my entire image without any plastic surgery or bodily alterations. here I am going to show you the dramatic difference, (using shameless selfies) of before and after photos. You can see how much of a difference the tips below can truly make.

Tips on changing your appearance.

Make up, many women/men love to play with make up, they view it as an art form. You can teach yourself a variety of different techniques which can give you an array of different looks. Its like witchcraft at this point you can completely alter facial features, such as a slimmer nose, wider eyes, defined jawline. the possibilities really are endless. You can find make up tutorials teaching you how to create this sorcery online.

Clothing, it’s easy to completely change your look just by choosing outfits to flatter your figure. Certain types of clothing flatter different body shapes. Pencil skirts look fantastic on women with ‘childbearing hips’ and fuller figures. Try searching through Pinterest for outfit ideas.

Jewellery and accessories, using jewellery and accessories for your hair is one of the easiest and quickest ways to update your look. Jazz up a simple hairstyle by adding flowers. Or give the impression of a thinner neck using an elegant silver necklace. Spend time experimenting to see what best suits you and the look you want to achieve.

Hair colour, changing your hair colour is one of the more dramatic ways to alter your look. Dying or lightening hair has become very popular which also means the techniques and products have vastly advanced over the years. Not only can you easily shift shades there are also new and more unusual colours. Before diving straight into this one and risking regret, you can now download apps to test colours before you actually take the plunge. When choosing a new colour always pay close attention to whether it will suit you, such as your eye colour and skin tone. If you are nervous about such a drastic change opt for a semi permanent colour, these will eventually wash out.

Hair cuts and styles, as I mentioned above, use apps to try out any new look before you commit to any new hair cut. Research the length and style you are interested in obtaining, before getting the chop. When I say research I mean exactly that. Search for styles for the particular length you are looking to achieve. It’s best to look for up-dos as well as how it will look after using heat tools, such as a curling iron etc. Especially if you often put your hair up for work or just because you don’t want to heat style it everyday.

There are so many ways to mix up your image, it could be as simple as parting your hair on the opposite side to your normal style. Any change no matter how slight can make a huge difference to your overall appearance and dramatically alter the way you feel about yourself.
Once you have achieved your desired look why not start working on any other self confidence issues you may have? To learn more about self confidence check out the article,
How To Appear More Confident.

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