Low Self Confidence and relationships.

Low self confidence and our personal feelings about ourselves is something a lot of people try not to think about, it’s very easy to push your personal feelings to the back of your mind and try to forget all about it. The trouble with that approach is the detrimental harm it causes to our lives and those who love us. Low self confidence in relationships can cause confusion where otherwise there wouldn’t be any.

After all how can you love somebody else when you are struggling to love yourself? Or worse how can they confidently love you when you are unintentionally giving them the impression they shouldn’t because you don’t? If you suffer with low self confidence then here are four reasons you should seriously consider embarking on that long journey to self love and appreciation. Here are 4 ways low self confidence can damage your relationships,

Body language

Our body language is something we can’t always control, it mainly consists of unconscious movements, how we are feeling and what we are thinking communicates itself using our body language. For example when a person lies they may feel nervous which will then make their true feelings clear in their body language. There are techniques that can make you appear more confident, want to know how appear more confident? Click here. But ultimately our body language often gives us away when we aren’t feeling good about ourselves, from the way we walk to the way we react.


Yes, believe it or not if we aren’t feeling confident regarding our body or the way we look we will subconsciously choose clothes that we can hide behind, such as oversized jumpers and baggy clothing. This is a vicious circle, choosing clothes based on the way you feel then results in the act of scrutinising your appearance whilst wearing clothes you yourself deem as unflattering. This of course, only serves to cement the low opinion of yourself you have created because you are wearing clothes you don’t find attractive, thus causing a never ending cycle.


When we wrongly believe we aren’t ‘good enough’ it comes across in our attitude towards others. This is a broad subject as we as human beings are all unique, though some examples are, becoming snappy and withdrawn, causing you to spend a majority of your time shut away from social situations, driving a wedge between yourself and the those around you. another manifestation can be the opposite reaction, feeling clingy and needy which can cause you to unknowingly push others way by coming across as jealous and overbearing. We all react differently as our attitudes differ from one another, but no matter how you react personally, it is very likely it will have an adverse effect on the people you love.


Whilst some people can become shy and nervous leading to other mental health issues for example, social anxiety. Others sadly become self destructive, often turning to drugs and or alcohol to numb the pain and feel euphoric for a little while. Low self confidence and the way you feel about yourself has a phenomenal impact on your character and behaviour, especially towards others. when you unfairly judge yourself all of the apparent ‘flaws’ lodge themselves so deeply that it can cause the same reaction as paranoia. Convincing yourself that the people around you see you the same way you do. This can often push you to repeatedly question the way your loved ones feel about you and why they are choosing to spend their time with you. Inevitably, this can eventually lead to unnecessary arguments, which can very easily come between you and the people you care about.

The list above is by no means the only effects low self confidence has on us and the people we surround ourselves with, There are many issues that have a different impact on each of us individually, but as you can see, self confidence is something we should all acquire to enjoy life with those we love. I hope this article accurately describes just how important it is for us to be confident in ourselves and our relationships, in turn encouraging you to begin the journey of self love and appreciation.

If you are suffering with emotional difficulties and problems with your mental health or are just struggling in general please do seek professional help from a trained medical professional. You can also go to the support page on this site for information relating to services and organisations dedicated to helping anyone who needs their help and support. For immediate assistance if you are in the UK please call The Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116

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