Nobody Wants To See Your Penis.

The internet can be a terrifying place. I’m sure you’ve all heard of instances where people have received death threats for simple things like, having an opinion.

I know I certainly have, that knowledge very nearly stopped me from following my heart. In the end it didn’t.

I pulled my socks up and jumped into the fire anyway. Do you know why?

Because, it’s the right thing to do.

You’re probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about right now…

Well in short I have created a petition.

A very controversial, with possible volatile reactions petition.

The internet community can be incredibly vicious when they are annoyed.

I’m not sure I’m fully prepared to feel their wrath but I will probably soon find out.

What’s the petition for?

Right, here’s what my petition says,

Now social media, the internet and technology has become so advanced the laws need to be changed to keep up. It is a criminal offence to expose yourself in public. So why isn’t it a criminal offence to do exactly the same thing and expose yourself online where strangers are being forced to see it?

Unsolicited, unwanted photographs of people’s intimate areas and other obscene content is being forced on to people regularly. It’s distressing, offensive, incredibly crude, vile and shameless. Why should people be made victims by others who wrongly believe this is acceptable behaviour. The law needs to catch up with the evolution of social media. Essentially it’s indecent exposure and should be treated as such. They should face consequences for their actions to prevent future recurrences.

Since creating a website and being more active online I have realised just how big this issue has become. Due to the nature of my website I have been in contact with vulnerable adults. Many of which have been sent indecent images from strangers online with no prior warning. The emotional distress this causes impacts the way they use social media which is incredibly unfair as a lot of people use it to stay in touch with friends and family. They shouldn’t miss out on photos of family members and friends they love because there are individuals who are using the internet in a grotesque manner.

The truth of the matter is children are allowed to create profiles on social media sites. When strangers send an indecent, obscene photograph of themselves you cannot see what that image contains without opening the message. This means minors do not know its inappropriate until its too late. They are quite literally forced to see the sexually explicit content. Do you really want to risk your children being sent and then seeing photographs of such nature, purely because of the unacceptable behaviour of others?

With a new law brought in not only would it give people the power to prosecute this act of indecent exposure, it would also deter it from taking place at all. We need to take online safety seriously especially now so many people spend a substantial amount of time using the internet.

The idea of it is to make it a criminal offence to send unsolicited sexually explicit content online.

Basically, make it a crime to send random people dick pics and flange photos.

Ultimately, I don’t want children, vulnerable adults, heck any adults, being scarred for life all because they opened a message.

Let’s be honest here there is no way to make a penis look nice. Why people think strangers online want to see that I will never know.

Sexual harrasment

harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

Public indecency

Public indecency” generally refers to acts involving nudity or sexual activity in view of the public, often with the intent to shock, offend, or arouse. It includes criminal offences like indecent exposure and lewd conduct.

Tell me how sending these types of photos online is not either of the above?

Why on earth are people allowed to sexually harass people online? What makes it different? Why is it deemed acceptable?

I can’t be the only person baffled by this surely?!

Vulnerable adults and children can’t protect themselves so I want to do it for them.

The thought alone of facing charges and being viewed as a sex offender should be enough to deter most offenders.

I’m done with letting fear dictate what I do and do not do.

You want to abuse me for thinking of people who can’t protect themselves? You go right ahead.

You want to hate me for stopping you from sexually harassing people via the internet? I’m good with that too.

Hell you want to to do both of the above because of the unfortunate shape of my face? Oh no, wait.. that I can’t blame you for.

Whether you love me, hate me, like me or detest me, please just do the right thing here. Sign the petition.

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