Social Media – What does yours say about you?

Updating your social media is a great way to update your friends and family on your life, I mean who doesn’t want to see a cat dressed in a jumper? However, there is a thin line between what people feel is acceptable for the internet and what isn’t. Constantly updating your online friends on your personal life can quickly take a turn for the worst.

Take for instance, breaking up with a partner or falling out with a friend for example, it is often a turbulent time for all involved, as the internet has grown in popularity it’s become common for people to vent their anger publicly on social media sites, this isn’t always the best way forward. I know it can be hard to control your anger and after all how better to get your side of the story across than by telling your many followers?

While your friends may be understanding, supportive and even encouraging when they read your angry post, that doesn’t mean everyone else will have the same viewpoint, think about how potential future partners will feel? They will, understandably, begin to assume that should an argument arise between you that they may be on the receiving end of a similar outburst. It’s always better to keep private matters well, private, being concerned that their dirty laundry being aired to anyone who stumbles across your social media page isn’t helpful when promoting romantic or even friendly thoughts. People have secrets and things they prefer to keep private, having a relationship means trusting each other with your innermost thoughts and opinions, having someone you can talk openly to without fear of reprisals, this means they want, in fact, need to know they can trust you.

When it comes to your social media sites it isn’t just future posts you need to pay more attention to it’s also the older ones. Have you taken the time to look over your history lately? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning that alone what I posted a year ago on my Facebook page! You may of forgotten about that lovey dovey photo of you and your ex partner kissing but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there when a potential partner has a look through your photo albums. The declaration of love attached to it isn’t going to help matters either. Remove them! They aren’t needed anymore.

Ahh the pessimistic quotes scattered around your page telling everyone just how much you hate people of the opposite sex. My all time favourite “men/women are all the same!”. No they aren’t. Yes it may seem like that sometimes because we as a species have certain traits we all possess but just because that one jerk royally screwed you over doesn’t mean you are doomed to repeat the same situation with every new partner. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Remove the angry memes guys and gals and take down those venom spitting statuses. No one wants to come across as bitter and pessimistic which is the only thing those angry updates achieve.

So is it time for you to trawl through your social media sites?

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