The Ultimate Couples Activity.

Looking for fun activities to enjoy as a couple?

If you search for couples activities online you will find hundreds of suggestions, most of them will include dinners out, cinema trips, the usual haunts for couples.

What if you want something a little different?

For this idea I am going back to basics, I wanted something a little more unusual, unique but also simple and affordable, as you can imagine that’s a lot of demands to satisfy. However, I have managed to come up with an idea that not only ticks all of those boxes but is also something that can be enjoyed with your family or for an evening with friends… A time capsule!

What is a time capsule?

If you ask Wikipedia,
A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians.
So lets simplify it and explain how it is the perfect activity for couples. You gather a container or a ready made time capsule which you then fill with various items, once you are satisfied with the contents it is then buried and ready to be dug up after a certain amount of time, usually years.

With that in mind, why not use a time capsule as a way to cement your relationship and your future as a couple? You could make a pact to retrieve the time capsule after a certain amount of years which you could then open together and enjoy the contents your past selves have left for you. You can add whatever you think your future selves will love looking through, in case you become stuck for ideas I have compiled a list of suggestions to help get you started..


There is nothing more heart warming than looking back over old photos, comparing the differences in, not only your appearances but also your relationship. You would be seeing how much you have grown and matured as human beings as well as a couple, enabling you to play old memories in your mind like a home movie.

Writing letters to each other

You could spend time alone in the days leading up to your time capsule burial allowing you to write a cute secret love letter to each other If you struggle with putting your emotions on paper why not just add a list of reasons you love your significant other. Alternatively you could carry out this task together by writing a joint letter for your future counterparts!


Add mementos, this could include reminders of holidays, relationship milestones, days out and much more. The keepsakes could be as simple as cinema tickets or sea shells from your favourite beach. If you don’t have many mementos to hand you could just write a list of all of the activities you have enjoyed together with dates and times. How interesting and enjoyable would it be to be able to transport your mind so far back in time and know exactly what you did together?

Over time we gradually change, you won’t be the exact same person when you are 30 as the one you were as an 18 year old. We grow and learn and most importantly we mature. Creating a time capsule will not only be fun to look through, it will also be interesting to see just how much you have grown personally and how your relationship has evolved over the years. This activity idea even sets you up for an activity to look forward and enjoy in the future.

*Remember, when you are making your time capsule use a container that will be able to withstand the elements, not to mention being buried for so long, to ensure the protection of the contents.*

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